The Best and Worst Entertaining Trends of 2017

The Best and Worst Entertaining Trends of 2017

If we never have to look at a bright blue wedding cake again, we’ll be happy

We’re completely and totally in love with most of the entertaining trends of 2017. Despite all of the turmoil in the world — or perhaps because of it, as a means of escape — entertaining and events in 2017 have been on point. Call us people of our own time, but all year we have been here for brushed metallic touches, doughnut walls, farm-to-table catering menus, and slushie cocktails.

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But for every dessert waffle we encounter and rave over, there’s a party detail that’s just a little off-putting or overdone. Haven’t we seen enough avocado toast? Does every single party color palette have to include millennial pink? Do you really need to send off every guest with a succulent, which they will then be responsible for? We think not.

So we combed through our predicted party trends for the year to see what came true and then took note of the events around us to come out with the best and worst entertaining trends of 2017. Let’s hope many of these continue through the New Year and that the rest, well, stay in 2017.