Breakfast Should Be Dessert at Your Next Party

These two meals are kind of the same when you think about it

Crepes are pretty much already dessert, so embrace their sweet flavor fully!

The line between dessert and breakfast is a fine one, once you think about it. Fresh fruit, carbs, sugar, and syrups play such an important part in each of these meals that you really can’t help but wonder: Why not serve your favorite breakfast dishes instead of dessert? What we’re saying is that French toast tastes good no matter what time of day it is.

We already know doughnut walls are a major must-have for parties this year, but take your breakfast obsession to the next level at your next bash. Forget the cakes and pies and try out these breakfast-for-dessert dishes:

Berry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich
These jazzed-up frozen waffles can use whatever seasonal fruits you desire. The best part about this easy-to-make dessert is that it’s portable, so you can mingle while you munch.

For the Berry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe, click here.

Crêpes With Strawberry Compote
Sure, crêpes can be made as a vessel for savory fillings, but we like them most when they’re sweet. A delicately sweet crêpe holds a beautiful, barely-cooked strawberry filling that’s as fragrant as it is tasty.

For the Crêpes With Strawberry Compote recipe, click here.

Funfetti Birthday Cake Waffles
Not a fan of the traditional birthday cake? These festive waffles are made from cake mix but cooked in a waffle iron, thus giving them that fluffy yet crisp texture you know and love. Top these with whipped cream and plenty of sprinkles.

For the Funfetti Birthday Cake Waffles recipe, click here.

Pound Cake French Toast
Want to make this already dessert-like breakfast dish even more sweetly indulgent? Instead of bread, soak pound cake in the classic batter. Is it excessive? Yeah… excessively awesome.

For the Pound Cake French Toast recipe, click here.

Yogurt Parfait
Parfaits are so customizable, you can serve this breakfast dish however you desire at your next party, mixing together different yogurts, granolas, fresh fruits, and preserves. If you want to really be on-trend, set up a DIY parfait bar and allow each guest to customize his or her own dish.

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