Donut Wall


You NEED a Doughnut Wall at Your Next Party

Luckily, they’re really easy to DIY
Donut Wall


Be hip. Have a donut wall.

If there’s one entertaining trend we’re crazy about this year, it’s definitely decorating with your food. Your menu is the heart of any party, and by jazzing it up and turning it into décor, you’re further giving your dishes the spotlight.

If there’s a second entertaining trend we love, it’s the rise of the doughnut. Yes, cupcakes no longer reign supreme as the cake replacement of the day. Doughnuts have broken away from the breakfast box and are now popping up at weddings, dessert tables, and even walls all across America.

Yes, that’s right. Walls.

Doughnut walls are taking over the entertaining world, and for good reason. Not only are doughnut walls budget-friendly (and so easy to DIY), but they also make for a fun décor centerpiece. With bright colors and the mesmerizing circular repetition, few things are more Instagrammable than a doughnut wall.

Want to have one at your next soirée (as you should)? Achieving a doughnut wall at your own party actually doesn’t have to be that difficult.

All you need is a pegboard, paints and a paintbrush, dowels, strong scissors, and sandpaper. Paint the pegboard to be whatever colors or design fit the theme of your party. Then, cut the dowels to about 3 or 4 inches long and sand them off until they’re clean. Then, insert the dowels into the pegboard so there’s enough room for your doughnuts to hang. And — voila! — you have an Instagram-worthy food centerpiece ready for your baby shower, brunch, birthday party, or whatever other event you happen to be throwing.