Black Wedding Cakes Are a Thing Now

Forget white; it’s all about black cakes this year

Picture a wedding cake. If you’re thinking in stereotypes, you’re probably picturing a three- or four-tiered beauty, with white royal icing or fondant. Maybe some sugar flowers, stunning piping work, and of course, a bride and groom perched on top of the uppermost layer.

Well, think again. Because white wedding cakes, no matter how elegant and detailed, are a thing of the past. The latest trend is all about another color: black.

Yes, black. The color once relegated to your weird, gothic cousin or your punk rock aunt is now the height of elegance and modern chic when it comes to wedding cakes. Black wedding cakes are popping up all over Pinterest, Instagram, and your most fashion-forward friends’ weddings.

Black wedding cakes play into a few of 2017’s wedding trends. In addition to being a perfect palate for a wide array of colors, black layers are a clean slate for metallics, chalkboard writing, hand-painted details, marbling, drip cakes, and geometric patterns. Unsurprisingly, the results are quite dramatic.






So while grandma may faint at the sight of your black wedding cake and your superstitious sister may think it’s a sign of bad things to come, consider this trend for your upcoming reception. You just may be surprised by how much you fall in love with your black cake.


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