8 Small Snacks to Sneak Into the Movies

Avoid the greasy, over-priced popcorn, and sneak your own snacks into the movie theater instead

Photo Modified: Flickr / A / CC BY 4.0

We’re on a mission to avoid over-priced movie theater popcorn.

We absolutely love going to the movies. Spending an evening gazing up at the big screen, surrounded by overwhelming sounds, snacking on handful after handful of popcorn, and sipping on an oversized soda is our favorite way to while away a few hours. Whether we’re with friends, partners, kids, or just on our lonesome, we really don’t mind, as long as we have something to snack on to keep us company.

As much as we love our hours spent in the dark movie theater, we resent the overpriced snacks and sodas. That greasy, salty popcorn, doused in fake butter, always loses its appeal after a few mouthfuls, and the candy is at least twice the price of the exact same candy which we could buy in the store directly across the street.

To avoid the high popcorn prices, we’ve taken to sneaking our own snacks into the movies. Of course, you could buy snacks from the supermarket or the local bodega — as long you pick ones that are small enough so that you can subtly sneak them in — but we’ve taken to cooking our own. It makes going to the movies even more of an exciting event than it already is, and we get to increase our range of movie snacks as much as our creativity and culinary skills allow. These are our eight favorite small snacks to sneak into the movies.

Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Take a mini pretzel, melt a perfectly formed Hershey’s chocolate kiss on top, and into that, gently press a colorful M&M. Sweet, salty, crunchy bites of heaven that will satisfy all your movie snacking cravings. For more detailed instructions, follow this recipe for these amazing chocolate pretzel bites.

Dark Chocolate Bark

Melting dark chocolate and making it even better by adding our favorite ingredients has got to be one of the most fun cooking projects, which results in the most delicious sweet treats. We love this combination of dark chocolate, cranberries, and pistachios.

Homemade Fruit Leather  

Relive your childhood memories, and watch that movie while chewing on these homemade fruit leathers. Recreating this nostalgic snack takes a little bit of work, but controlling exactly what goes into those fruit leathers, and ending up with a result which is, dare we say it, even better than the store-bought version, makes it totally worth it.

Kale Chips With Parmigiano-Reggiano       

Healthy movie snacks? Normally, we’d reject the mere idea of it. But when they taste as good as these kale chips which have been sprinkled with Parmigiano-Reggiano, we’re happy to go along with the nutritious snacking trend.

No-Bake Healthy Granola Bites

These granola bites are a raw, virtuous snack, but they don’t taste like it. Simply mix together all the healthy ingredients — and add a few chocolate chips for good luck — leave them to set in the refrigerator, and you’ll soon have a wholesome, delicious granola bite.

Popcorn With Sriracha Butter and Parmesan

If there’s one simple way to improve the orange, liquid-butter popcorn of movie theaters, it’s by adding spicy Sriracha and salty parmesan. Combining these two favorite ingredients transforms regular popcorn into an umami explosion.

Rocky Road Popcorn Clusters

Take your freshly-popped popcorn, stir in marshmallows, and drizzle with melted chocolate. What do you get? Utterly irresistible popcorn clusters. You’ll want to double this recipe: No matter how many you make, by the end of the movie it will all be gone.

Spicy Rosemary Roasted Nuts

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These spicy rosemary roasted nuts are definitely the more sophisticated of our go-to movie snacks. Using your favorite nuts and roasting them with fragrant rosemary, hot cayenne pepper, and flaky sea-salt, makes for a perfectly grown-up alternative to greasy popcorn.