5 Earth Day Treats to Make With the Kids

Celebrate our beautiful planet with these tasty Earth Day treats
Worms in Dirt


Make this tasty 'Worms in Dirt' dessert to celebrate Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day! Let’s take this day to celebrate our planet, to look to make positive environmental changes, and to teach our kids how to be exemplary global citizens. Our favorite way to draw attention to this fun and memorable day is through food, with these simple, Earth Day-related treats.

Ants on a Log

Today, let’s celebrate nature, and everything within the world’s natural environment, including the bugs and insects we normally complain about. Start by enjoying those pesky little ants, and appreciate how important they are in our ecosystem, with this super simple retro snack, ants on a log.

For the Ants on a Log recipe, click here.

Earth Cupcakes

Draw attention to our beautiful planet by making cupcakes that look like Earth, as seen from outer space. Simply take your favorite vanilla cupcake batter, add blue food coloring to half of it, and green food coloring to the other half. Add alternate tablespoons of the batter to cupcake cases and swirl them together gently. Bake according to recipe instructions, and admire the beautiful, edible Earth.

For the Vanilla Cupcake recipe, click here.

Edible Trees

Transform your healthy, simple after-school snack into a bountiful tree. Simply use a pretzel stick as the trunk, create the trees leaves using broccoli florets, and cut out a piece red pepper into a heart shape to go on the tree’s ‘leaves’ to show how much we love our trees and forests. Serve with your favorite dip for a healthy, natural world-focused, snack.

Fresh Fruit Cones

Enjoy the Earth’s natural bounty by swapping the ice cream for all-natural fresh fruit this Earth Day. Take your wafer cone and fill it up with sliced fruit and berries, and wonder at the amazing produce the Earth’s land can produce.

Worms in Dirt


Replicate the natural world — the parts of it which we typically try to ignore — with this tasty “worms in dirt” dessert. Half fill a glass with chocolate pudding, sprinkle a layer of crumbled Oreo cookies on to the pudding, and top with a couple of gummy worms.