Watch the First Hot Dog in Outer Space

Guys at Zog’s Dogs managed to recover and eat their space weenie

Hot dog reaches outer limits of Earth's atmosphere

We all heard about NASA’s rover Curiosity landing successfully on Mars during their latest mission this past Monday. But fewer were aware of an equally important space travel triumph: that of a soaring hot dog into the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

Many of us have already seen food, like this infamous sushi roll, be launched into outer space. But usually the food heads to space, never to be seen again on earth.

Not only do the guys from San Francisco-based Zog’s Dogs get the weenie into space, they manage to retrieve their hot dog once it comes plummeting back to earth.

At the end of the video, we watch as one team member takes a victory bite of the hot dog, which somehow managed to stay intact throughout its extraterrestrial journey.

In celebration of their feat, Zog’s Dog’s is launching a $5 Space Dog Combo that comes with Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert.