Waffle Cones: The Perfect Party Treat Tool

8 different ways to fill a waffle cone

Who knew these cones had so much potential?

Here at The Daily Meal, we are constantly striving to make sure you and your guests are happy throughout your party experience, especially when it comes to the food. And that means saving you time, confusion, stress, and a mess to clean up afterward. Open your eyes to the potential of the waffle cone, adored by all and good for so much more than just as an ice cream vehicle.

8 Ways to Fill a Waffle Cone at Your Party Slideshow

We've come up with nine creative and delectable ways to use a waffle cone at your next party, whether it's a wedding, shower, birthday, or casual backyard BBQ.

With these ideas, your guests will be thankful to have a hand free while they eat (guest should always have a free hand for another drink, right?), and you will have a simple appetizer that won’t require constant attention and maintenance once it's set up. Whether you take the sweet route with cotton candy or cupcakes, or prefer a savory take with taco fillings, there is a perfect waffle cone for you — you just have to fill it up.


So check out our ideas and add your own twists according to your tastes, enjoy!