Stranded in the Desert, Hunter Survives for 6 Days by Eating Ants

Without any other sources of food or water, the stranded hunter ate only ants for six days straight
Stranded in the Desert, Hunter Survives for 6 Days by Eating Ants

Photo Modified: Flickr/Thomas Quine/CC 2.0

Authorities conceded that Foggerdy’s survival was incredible given the lack of water during nearly a week in the desert. 

Reginald Foggerdy, a 62-year-old hunter who found himself stranded in the Australian desert without food or water, managed to survive his ordeal by eating only ants for six days straight.

Not unlike the California woman who managed to deliver her own baby in a forest and spend three days with a few apples and some water before catching the attention of U.S. Forest Service officials, Foggerdy’s story shows off some of humankind’s most powerful survival skills — and makes a great case for why we should all be eating more bugs. In particular, ants are rich in protein, calcium, and iron.

Foggerdy, who went missing last Wednesday, October 7, was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops when he went into the dessert to hunt animals. On Tuesday, October 13, authorities, with the help of Aboriginal trackers, found the hunter “extremely dehydrated” and “a bit delusional.”


Speaking to a local radio station, police superintendent Andy Greatwood explained that Foggerdy’s “last couple of days of survival were achieved by lying down under a tree and eating black ants. That's the level of survival that Mr. Foggerdy has gone to.”