Celebrate Earth Day with Meatless Foods That Help Keep the Planet Healthy

Earth Day is just around the corner

On April 22, do something that not only helps benefit the planet, but also yourself by making a commitment to incorporate more plant protein into your diet.

Plant protein products are a sustainable food source that can help efficiently feed the world’s growing population while reducing the drain of natural resources.  

On average plant protein requires 1/10th of the land of animal protein and a vegetarian diet uses five to 10 times less water than an animal protein-rich diet. So, this Earth Day, plant a tree and make the switch to plant protein. Small changes like this can make the biggest impact for your body and the Earth. To get started, test out some of these delicious and environmentally friendly recipes from Lightlife below:

Tempeh Pasta Sauce over Spaghetti Squash

This tempeh bolognese sauce is homemade and contains a fermented superfood with beneficial probiotics, a complete source of plant-based protein, as well as B vitamins and manganese. Serve over a bed of warm spaghetti squash and you can have dinner for tonight and leftovers for tomorrow.

Vegetarian Quiche

Loaded with potatoes, eggs and Lightlife Smart Bacon, this vegetarian quiche is a meal that can keep up with your family’s busy lifestyle, leaving everyone full and satisfied. You’ll feel good about serving it, too. 

Grilled Meatless Hot Dog Skewers with Tater Tots

Did anyone say baseball season? This playful and vegetarian take on the traditional hot dog is sure to be a home run on the grill and is yet another way to play your part on Earth Day this month.

The Ultimate Veggie Burger

veggie burger

Namely Marley

Just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. Just a look at this veggie burger makes your mouth water, covered in Lightlife bacon, avocado and cheese. Whip up some tater tots or another favorite side and take a guilt free bite out of this easy meal.

For more inspirational ideas, visit You can also learn about Lightlife’s commitment to a healthier planet through their work with Wholesome Wave here.

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