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12 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School

Make sure your kids are happy, rather than stressed and nervous, about starting the new school year

The last few days of summer are here, and as Labor Day approaches, it’s time to start getting the kids ready to go back to school. The long weeks of the summer vacation are almost over, and the days in the park and at the pool are about to be swapped for classrooms and homework.

12 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School (Slideshow)

Your kids will probably be gradually getting more nervous, anxious, and stressed as the first day back draws closer — going back to school is never easy — but it doesn’t need to be as scary as many kids convince themselves it is. Help transform this worry into excitement by following our 12 suggestions to help your kids actually look forward to the end of the summer break.

First, there are the things you can do to before the first week of school to get your little ones excited about returning to classes: Set up play dates with classmates so they can remember how much fun it is to spend all day with their friends, or customize and invest in new stationery and school equipment. Spending time on these activities in the build-up to the first day back will help make your kids excited rather than being filled with dread.

Then there’s the first day back at school itself. To help this stressful day go as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure it starts well, which means making a celebratory breakfast. Obviously, eating a special, homemade breakfast before school isn’t going to happen every day, but make the first day back an exception. A filling, tasty, and brain power-boosting breakfast gives the kids something to look forward to before they go to sleep and ensures that their morning gets off to a happy start. Plan ahead and pack up their favorite lunch for them to take, and make sure there’s a special treat planned for when the school hours are over.

There will always be nerves and a sense of anticipation at the beginning of every school year, but by highlighting the positives, treating the kids to their favorite foods and activities in the first week back, and making sure everything is organized before the first morning will help get them excited for the weeks they’re about to spend back in the classroom.

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