10 Food-Themed Back-to-School Supplies (slideshow)

Get ready for a tasty new school year


Show up to school in style with brightly colored, food-themed backpack ($20.00). The characters are so fun and unique that your kid will never mix up or lose their backpack again.  


Sure, a box of Crayola will get them through art class, but your creative kid deserves a little extra flare for their art box. Check out these fun, handmade crayons ($15.00) that feature some of their favorite picnic food so they can bring some of summer to class!


It’s pizza time! Your little ones won’t feel bad about making a correction when they pull out these pizza erasers ($5.90) during a big test. 


A couple of these unique folders and your kid will never grab the wrong person’s homework again. Not only do these folders ($7.95) have tiny, vibrant little apples on them, but they also can be made customizable so your kid will feel like a VIP in social studies.  


It may be tough to pack this sweet treat, but an ice cream lunch pack($16.95) will make your kid squeal for lunch time. This pack is perfectly insulated and ready for your kid’s favorite lunch!


Getting kids to pay attention in class isn’t easy, but giving them tools they want to use may help. Study time will be a breeze since your kids won’t miss a note with this fun cupcake notebook ($4.50). Even though it's missing the typical college rule lines, it is great for the creative kid who needs to make diagrams or think outside the box.

Pencil Case

For the kid who loves color, this bright pencil case ($14.39) is the perfect school-time accessory. Adorned with adorable cupcakes and bread slices, these cute characters will put a smile on any school-kid's face. 


Have your student make their mark with this bite-sized apple stamp ($6.79). This rubber stamp will help your student decorate their notes and mark important pages with edible style. 


All work and no play will make for a very sad student. For their down time or their next art project, get them these little food stickers ($2.90). Their class notes (and their recess notes) won’t be able to get any cuter. 

Pencil Sharpener

With this little apple sharpener ($9.00), your kid will never not be on point. Shaped like everyone’s favorite school snack, this nifty design catches all of their shavings for a nice, neat desk!