Labor Day Weekend Activities

Enjoy food and wine all weekend

Africa Studio / Shutterstock

A little Labor Day fun under the sun with friends.

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to kick back with friends and enjoy the last hoo-rah of summer. It is also a great opportunity to host the perfect backyard cookout — squeeze in a few of your favorite summer recipes before transitioning your pantry to the taste of fall.                                                 

Labor Day weekend should be fuss free, because it’s the last extended weekend until Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bake that blueberry pie you’ve been wanting to try all summer long, but don’t forget to top it off with ice cream.

Labor Day weekend is also great for a trip to a winery you’ve always wanted to visit, or why not go on a food tour with your family? It’s one of the last times of the year you can escape to a winery and still manage to get a full day of rest in before returning to work — so do it.

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