11 Warm Packed Lunches for Any Snowy Day

A snowy day is the ideal time to whip up a warm lunch
Cooking Hack: Prevent a Soggy Sandwich

Brian Sheehan, host of The Daily Meal Video Network, shows you a simple way to prevent your sandwich from getting soggy.

Zucchini Pasta with Almond Pesto


We would eat these zoodles any day of the week.

When you see snowfall out the office windows, you know you’re going to feel the chill in your bones all day long. There are lunch dishes, though, that can fill you up and warm you up at the same time. We’ve compiled 11 great hot dishes that you’ll be dreaming about all day until the clock strikes noon, and it’s time to dig in!

Yes, it takes a little extra time to plan and fix your lunch, but you can do the cooking the night before with these dishes. You’ll be thankful you brought your lunch when the temperature drops below 20 degrees, and the rest of your colleagues have to head out into a blizzard to buy their food. Bringing your lunch is also a cheaper alternative to buying it every day, and it’s more satisfying knowing that you made your dish from scratch. Nothing says warming comfort like these homemade dishes. Experiment with all of these lunches, from hearty to healthy, to find your warm staple for this winter.

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