Leftovers to Lunch in a Few Easy Steps

These meals transition from dinner to to the lunch table —or even the lunchbox — flawlessly
Healthy Meal Prep

Katie Cavuto, registered dietitian and chef, gives viewers a few quick and healthy meal prep ideas that will last for the entire week.

This quick and easy steak sandwich is the result of last night’s filet mignon.

A lunch of leftovers is the ultimate quick and easy meal. Whether you intentionally make extra for tomorrow’s lunch or find yourself grabbing whatever is in the fridge in the absence of time, you can enjoy an exceptional lunch of leftovers with a little extra planning.

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Today’s roast chicken easily transitions to tomorrow’s chicken salad in just a few easy steps. Similarly, the addition of fresh vegetables can take that last serving of pasta into several days of lunch. Pick your favorite vegetables out at the store, like zucchini, carrots, cucumber, or green beans, then just wash, dry, chop, and store in an airtight sealable bag to use all week.

If you are looking for a simple lunch that doesn’t involve the monotony of eating last night’s dinner, we have your next week of meals planned for you. Flavorful pasta dishes, roasted chicken, grilled kebabs, and more can easily transition from a family-style dinner to a personalized lunch with these quick and easy steps.

Roast Chicken: Dinner

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The leftovers from this roast chicken dinner can be turned into a multitude of lunch options.

It might seem like a big undertaking for a busy weeknight dinner, but roast chicken is the meal that keeps on giving. Pair this dish with vegetables and you have the perfect one-pan meal that will provide lunches for days to come.

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Chicken Salad: Lunch

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This chicken salad was made from leftover roast chicken.

To turn last night’s roast chicken dinner into the perfect lunchbox filler, simply shred the leftover chicken and add it to a chicken salad recipe, which calls for a light dressing of mayonnaise, diced celery, and spring onion. If you prefer to skip the mayonnaise, you could always add last night’s leftover chicken to this chicken salad that’s made with vinaigrette instead.

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