21 Unexpected Ice Cream Flavors

You’ve never heard of flavors like this

The Daily Meal has selected 21 unique, interesting, and fun ice cream combinations that you likely haven’t heard of before.

You can hit up any old Baskin Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s for your usual cone. You can browse the aisles of supermarkets for old reliable flavors. You will always have your choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and if you’re feeling really wild, rocky road. But these 21 flavors of ice cream are not your grandma’s after-dinner mint chip.

21 Unexpected Ice Cream Flavors

These flavors hand-selected by The Daily Meal are made by their respective shops and inventors to be unexpectedly delicious, weird, and fun. Many of these ice creams come from some of the best ice cream stands in every state, and the winning flavor combinations they’ve created are hardly something just anyone could dream up on their own — they’re just that surprising. Could they even be some of the best new ice cream flavors of 2018? 


Once you read about flavors like Thanksgiving Dinner, Lobster, and Brown Sugar Sour Cream and Rhubarb Jam, you’ll never crave those boring run-of-the-mill flavors again. Click here to truly surprise yourself with all that ice cream has to offer and read about these 21 unexpected ice cream flavors.