11 Reasons To Eat An Egg Every Day

Eggs have cooked up some controversy in the past couple of years. They used to be recommended as a healthful addition to every diet; but then, concerns about cholesterol arose and influenced diners everywhere to order their omelettes with the whites only. But according to more recent research, eggs might not be as unhealthy as doctors previously thought. In fact, while it might be best to eat eggs in moderation, they do have some impressive health benefits.

11 Reasons to Eat an Egg Every Day Gallery

Current dietary recommendations advise eating one to two eggs per day. This limit is easy to exceed, since there are so many ways to eat eggs that you could eat one at every meal without getting bored.

How does one prepare an egg? You have dozens of options.

There's simply boiling them — which is surprisingly difficult to do perfectly well. Hard-boiled eggs are a great topping for salads, can be easily crafted into a delicious deviled egg appetizer, or eaten on their own as a satisfying snack.

You could fry an egg and use it as a surprising topping for another nutritious dish, an unexpectedly delicious combination. Eggs sunny-side-up never disappoints, of course, whether you eat it as part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No matter how you prepare your egg, prepare to experience all the health benefits that ensue.