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The Daily Dish: Man Carries 33 Pounds of Mom’s Homemade Pancakes on Plane

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Man Carries 33 Pounds of Mom’s Homemade Pancakes on Plane

This weekend, one man’s doting mother gave him so many leftovers to take home that his luggage was 33 pounds over the weight limit at the airport. The man was spotted at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport in China, where he was on his way back from visiting his parents for Chinese New Yearaccording to Shanghaiist. The man had attempted to check his luggage for the flight, but it was 33 pounds over the limit. He opened it up to adjust some of its contents, and that’s when people saw the massive pile of jianbing — large, thin, flat pancakes — that his mother had made for him to take home. Instead, the man carried his pile of pancakes onto the plane.

Rowen Designs

Sushi-Loving ‘Star Wars’ Fans Need These Soy Sauce Dishes

A Japanese company has produced a line of soy sauce dishes shaped like iconic Star Wars characters. Rowen Japan’s Star Wars soy sauce dishes are shaped like the heads of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, C-3PO, and R2-D2, according to Rocket News 24. They’re made of high-end white porcelain, and they’re designed in such a way that, when filled, the faces become even more distinct and recognizable. The set comes in a wood box for storage and safekeeping, and it sells for about $100 online.

Wikimedia/Maksym Kozlenko

Spanish Weather Causes UK Vegetable Shortage

An unusually rainy season in Spain has damaged vegetable crops so badly that last week several UK supermarkets had to limit the number of certain vegetables that customers were allowed to buy at once. Spain is the largest fruit and vegetable exporter in Europe, and the UK and France are its biggest markets. Spain was hit with heavy rain in December and a particularly cold January, which damaged the fruit and vegetable production. In an attempt to distribute the available produce somewhat fairly, Tesco and Morrisons supermarket chains capped the number of certain vegetables people could buy. Morrisons reportedly told customers to only buy three heads of broccoli, and Tesco put a three-head limit on iceberg lettuce.

Ben & Jerry’s

New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Rumored to Increase Lactation

Many new mothers who want to breastfeed but have trouble producing enough milk turn to food supplements for a helping hand, but one of the latest supplements for nursing mothers is unexpected: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The “Oat of this Swirled” Ben & Jerry’s flavor is a brown sugar ice cream flecked with chocolate and big chunks of oatmeal cookies. Oats contain saponins, which may increase the hormones needed to produce milk, according to Scary Mommy’s Valerie Williams. Of course, this means that a more efficient means of increasing lactation would be to eat bowls of oatmeal, but that doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun as eating pints of oatmeal cookie ice cream.

Facebook/Swedish Bakery

Chicago’s Famed Swedish Bakery Closing After 88 Years


One of Chicago’s most beloved spots, the famed Swedish Bakery in Andersonville, just announced it will be closing for good at the end of the month. Swedish Bakery opened in 1929, and, at the time, it was one of many Swedish bakeries in Chicago. Over the past 88 years, though, the city has changed, and the Andersonville outpost is the only remaining Swedish bakery in Chicago. The owners said their customers were loyal but it’s been hard to attract younger Chicagoans to their decidedly old-school bakery. Swedish Bakery is particularly known for European-style pastries like a green marzipan princess torte, petits fours, decorated cookies, and the filled, Polish-style doughnuts, pączkis.