Hate Eating Your Greens? Broccoli-Powered Coffee Might Be the Solution

Brassica Coffee contains 15 milligrams of truebroc branded glucoraphanin

Glucoraphanin is said to have detoxifying , anti-oxidizing, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Brassica has released a super-powered coffee line, with each K-Cup containing 15 milligrams of truebroc branded glucoraphanin. The Dark Roast Coffee features a “rich blend of French-roasted Central & South American, & African Arabica coffee” and is described as having “a strong aroma with a bold finish.” The Light Roast Coffee has “a rich taste with a mellow body” and is made with a blend of “Guatemala Antigua, Colombian Supremo, and Fancy Bourbon Brazil Santos. A pack of 12 K-Cups costs $10.69.

According to the company, broccoli contains Vitamin A and C, fiber, and a super antioxidant called glucoraphanin. It is said to have detoxification, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory properties. If broccoli is cooked for too long it can kill some of these nutritional benefits.

If coffee or broccoli aren’t your thing, the company offers a truebroc capsule contains the same amount of glucoraphanin as 1 1/4 cups of broccoli, or 30 milligrams. The company also offers a variety of black and green teas.


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