Lady Complains to Tesco Because Her Potato Alphabet Had the Wrong Letters

The mother thought she’d have enough letters to write her son’s name

A mother was furious after her bag of alphabet potato shapes from Tesco did not have the write letters to write her son's name.

Life is full of little disappointments, and this week one mother was furious with the Tesco supermarket chain after she bought a bag of potatoes shaped like letters, but she didn’t get the letters she wanted.

According to The Evening Times, mother Nichola Hart wrote to Tesco on Facebook to complain that she’d bought a bag of Crispy Potato Letters with the intent of spelling out “Logan” to practice letters with her 4-year-old son. When she emptied the bag to look for the letters, though, she found that she did not have an L or an O to work with. She wound up using an I instead of an L, and a C instead of an O, but her four-year-old was not impressed because his name was not “Icgan.”

"It is misleading, why would you sell them as alpha-bites, really they should just be called 'certain letter bites,’” she said. “...Obviously the person who made these from Tesco can't have children.”


Tesco responded to the complaint on Facebook and said that they were sorry Hart was disappointed, but that the letters were randomly bagged and not every letter was going to be in every bag.