Should've Had a V8? Make Your Own More Delicious Vegetable Drink at Home

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Make DIY V8 in 9 easy steps

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Making your own V8 is simpler than you think.

Fruits and vegetables are kind of a big deal. Whether you’re growing them, buying them, juicing them, or eating them, working them into your daily routine is a must. All natural fruit and vegetable juices retail for double digits and people can’t get enough of them. Though many companies have dabbled into the retail-juicing scene, V8 was one of the originals.

Make Your Own More Delicious Vegetable Drink at Home (Slideshow)

V8 juice was created in 1933 by W.G. Peacock, the founder of New England Product Company, which manufactured individual vegetable juices under the name "Vege-min." Peacock eventually combined the eight juices into one and V8 was born. Campbell Soup bought the company in 1948 and revamped the brand to include variations like V8 Splash and Hot Spicy V8. Each 8-ounce glass still provides two servings of vegetables. The original V8 100 percent vegetable juice on shelves today includes the same eight vegetable juices it did in 1933: tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, and spinach.

While the premise of V8 is healthy, the actual juice isn’t all that. The juice in V8 is made from concentrate, which means it’s a watered down version of the whole fruit’s juice. Also, additional flavors are added to enhance blandness. There aren’t any artificial flavors or preservatives, but if you are watching your salt content, you’ll definitely want to skip store bought V8. (An 8-ounce serving contains a hefty 640mg of sodium.) Splash varieties contain high fructose corn syrup and fruit juices from concentrate.

Without all the added extras, V8 could actually be a great addition to your diet. Ready to make DIY this popular supermarket juice? You can, and it only takes 9 steps.

Get Your Supplies

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Be sure to buy fresh produce!

Choose reliable produce outlets that offer fresh fruits and vegetables. To create the foundation for your DIY V8, be sure to include tomatoescarrotscelerybeetsparsleylettucewatercress, and spinach.

Prepare Your Produce

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Washing your veggies is more important than you think.

Even if your produce is organic, it has traveled from somewhere, so it’s a good idea to wash your fruits and veggies using a produce cleaner.

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