25 Party Foods Worth Your Attention

Get a little visual inspiration for your bash with these fantastic dishes

Try not to eat the screen when you're looking at these delicious dishes.

As we try to get over the "hump" of our week, we can’t help but notice that our monthly calendar is jam-packed with holiday dinners and parties. And we bet you’re in the same boat. If you're planning a bash of your own, we’re here to deliver the goods — a little menu inspiration.

These 25 bites will make your party menu lineup for sure.

More often than not, when you have a busy schedule you tend to serve familiar, quick-to-make dishes — and we understand completely. However, after looking at these drool-worthy bites you're sure to find some motivation to try something new.

After scouring our own recipe archives, those of our trusty Culinary Content Network members, and a sprinkle of our favorite catering companies, we have compiled a collection of 25 foods fit for any party. From comfort food bites and bold flavors to modern twists and extravagant displays, these dishes are sure to make a big splash at any soirée.

While there are thousands of dishes populating our site and sites like Pinterest, we thought it best to stick to the small stuff, so we've focused on bite-sized items that are perfect for cocktail parties.

And of course no cocktail party would be complete without signature sips, so stay tuned for 25 Party Drinks. All of a sudden, we’re very thirsty.


This story was originally published on December 12, 2012.