The 10 Ingredients You Should Be Juicing Slideshow


Apples are to kale is like peanut butter is to jelly — they go perfectly together. Apple is an easy base for vegetable smoothies because of its sweet, but not overpowering, juice. Take Jamba's Apple 'n Greens smoothie, which combines kale and apples with strawberries, peaches, mangos and bananas; or Sweet Green's Purify green juice. The Juice Master recommends using Royal Gala, Pink Lady, or Golden Delicious apples because they'll give you a light-colored juice with tons of flavor.


You'll find beets in one of the vegetable smoothies at Jamba Juice, the Berry UpBEET smoothie. How does Jamba use it? With blueberries, strawberries, and mangos. Still, you'll find plenty of greens used with beets, too; spinach, kale, and broccoli, for starters. That's not the only way to do it, though: Los Angeles' Moon Juice shop's Beet Aid just combines beets with lime and cucumber. We're also loving the Liquid Juice Bar's Pink Asylum: beet, pineapple, strawberry, red apple, and ginger. Why go red? Well, for red blood cells — beet juice is known for purifying and fortifying blood, which is especially good for those with circulatory problems. It's probably why Liquid Juice Bar calls another one of their beet-based drinks The Oxygenator.


Can you go anywhere these days without seeing someone holding a bright orange drink? You've got your beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamins B, vitamin E, and more all packed into one colorful juice. Jamba Juice puts carrots with orange juice, banana and mango in their Orange Carrot Karma smoothie, while Tropical Smoothie Café takes the smoothie one step further with goji berries. Another way to spice up carrot juice? With ginger and cayenne, just as Sustain Juicery in Los Angeles does it.

Chard and Dandelion

The easiest way to switch up the kale routine? Use chard or dandelion. "I don't use that much kale," says Antebi. "I'm bullying people up for kale and to try new things." Chard or dandelion are easy leafy greens to try in your juices. Take a tip from Extract Juice Bar in Newport Beach, Calif., with a chard, pineapple, garlic, celery and spinach juice (appropriately named the Kiss n' Smell), or a dandelion, strawberry, basil, and cucumber juice. 

Chia Seeds and Maca Root

These superfoods are invading your juices — and thank goodness for that. Chia seeds are a huge resource of omega-3s, fiber, protein, and antioxidants, and maca root is known for boosting vitality, energy, libido, mood, and lowering anxiety. So it should be no surprise that places like Purée Juice Bar in Bethesda, Md., are offering them as add-ons to their standard juices. Chia seeds especially are standouts in juices — take the Mama Chia drink, for example. Or, there's the "chia porridge" menu option at Pure Joy Juice Bar in Tubac, Ariz.


Yeah, this one really isn't that new. But there's no better way to get your vegetable staples in than kale. "Kale is a fabulous green to juice," Antebi says. "It's a great way to lower the glycemic index of your fruit juice." But more commonly, you'll find it in a green smoothie or juice that's become an everyday juice. If Jamba is using it in their green juice blend (used in its Apple n' Greens smoothie), you know it's the good stuff. A word on how to use it: Kale has a smell that Antebi referred to as garbage — so balance it out with some easily juiceable fruits, like apples, ginger, and pineapple.


Jamba Juice and other juiceries nationwide are adding this supplement to their veggie juices and smoothies because it's a health powerhouse — protein, amino acids, B vitamins, magnesium, beta-carotene all rolled into one. Don't be concerned that it's an algae, you'll find that this bacteria will boost your energy in no time. One quick way to get your spirulina dose for the day? Dr. Oz makes it into his "energy cubes," with spirulina powder and lime juice frozen into ice cube trays. Magic Mix Juicery puts it into its Hangover Helper smoothie (but we imagine you'd like it just as much without the throbbing headache), with pineapple, coconut water, banana, ginger, maca root, lime, and mint.