Making Soups, Salads, and Main Courses with Winter Pears

Explore the many varietals of pears and how to use them in your savory dishes this year
Making Soups, Salads, and Main Courses with Winter Pears


The subtle sweetness from the pairs works well with the savory pork chops.

This winter, visit your local farmers market to explore the many varieties of pears available during the late fall and winter months. While your location will determine the selection available locally, there are a few varietals that you will commonly find in grocery stores and food markets nationwide.

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Anjou, Bosc, Comice, and Bartlett make up the four most widely consumed pear varietals in the world with each one delivering its own unique taste and texture to seasonal winter dishes. From the subtle sweetness and tender texture of the Anjou that is perfect for slicing and eating raw to the Bartlett which is best canned or preserved when under ripe and green, but exceptionally juicy when left to ripen.

Enjoy the fruit of winter harvest sliced on top of hearty greens, poached alongside chicken, or stewed as a sweet accompaniment to seared pork chops and more.

The sweet and subtle floral notes of pears are perfect for accompanying salty, pungent blue cheese and buttery Brie. Additionally, you can combine pears with the anise flavor of fennel or to add a hint of sweetness and body to squash soups.

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