Heat Up Your Kitchen With These 11 Spicy Side Dishes

When trying to cook quick and easy meals, flavor can often come second to the time crunch. Quick-cooking methods mean less flavor development, but there are plenty of ways to coax flavor in a short period of time. Adding some heat to your side dishes is a quick way to banish blandness from the dinner table without too much additional time.

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Balancing heat with cooling, tangy vinegar or creamy sauces keeps the spicy flavor from overpowering the rest of the ingredients. Here we have put together a collection of side dishes that use peppery heat for tasty meals.

Pair any of these side dishes with simple-to-make mains, like this recipe for an Easy Mediterranean Grilled Chicken or this quick-cooking Seared Skirt Steak recipe. Looking to add flavor to vegetarian mains? You can pair the spicy and tangy flavor of fermented cabbage in this Spicy Kimchi recipe with recipe for a Korean Braised Tofu.

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