18 Things You Didn't Know You Could Cook in Your Microwave — and 3 Crazy Things You Have to Try

Be a microwave chef and zap your way to these surprising culinary delights


Microwave Mac and Cheese

Most of us tend to think of our microwave as a simple yet convenient tool for defrosting, reheating leftovers, or popping popcorn, but the microwave is actually capable of so much more. You can actually cook with it.

When we say you can make a real meal in your microwave, don’t let your mind wander to the frozen aisle of the grocery store where all those frosty, uninteresting TV dinners lie; instead think chicken fajitas, scrambled eggs, and cake. Cake!

The key is in understanding the power settings and cooking time required for different vegetables and proteins. By correctly using the settings you can achieve even the fanciest of poached fish dishes, perfectly steamed vegetables, and pickles (yeah, I said pickles) in a fraction of the standard preparation time.

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Check out these dishes you didn’t know you could make in the microwave… and if you are feeling adventurous, don’t miss the last three slides of this roundup — crazy cool recipes you just have to try.