15 Irresistible Summer Pie Recipes

Who doesn't love pie — especially when there's all that great summer fruit out there

15 Irresistible Summer Pie Recipes

What is a better way to enjoy the best of summer produce than to wrap it all up in buttery, flakey, golden-brown pie crust? Summer this year should be spelled: P-I-E.

Banana Cream Pie

The perfect brunch treat, this banana cream pie is made easy with a simple creamy vanilla custard and sliced bananas that fill in a crunchy vanilla wafer crust. Best of all, this pie is excellent served cold- great on a hot day!

Blueberry Coconut Hand Pies

Loaded with fresh summer blueberries and shaved coconut, these hand pies are a perfect summertime treat. Plus, they’re small and handheld, so you won’t have any plates or forks to clean up afterwards. Check out the recipe for these cute Blueberry Coconut Hand Pies here!

Blueberry Sour Cream Pie

Make this rich custard pie this summer when fresh, plump blueberries are at their best. Change up the flavor by adding ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a teaspoon of lemon zest.

For this recipe for Blueberry Sour Cream Pie, click here.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie


Cherry season is upon us! In this recipe, tart cherries are cooked in vanilla and sugar that melt together into a delightfully gooey cherry filling, to be baked in your favorite buttery brown pie crust.

For this Best Cherry Pie recipe, click here.

Chocolate Mousse Pie

While pies high in sugar, salt, and carbohydrates may satisfy us in the moment, they don’t offer the best long-term benefits for those of us who are striving for a healthy lifestyle. This chocolate mousse pie is a healthy take on one of our favorite summer comfort foods. Check out this recipe for Organic Raw Chocolate Mousse Pie.

Coconut Cream Pie with Coconut Meringue

This classic coconut cream pie is made with coconut milk for extra creaminess and awesome coconut flavor. It’s a dairy-free dessert that everyone will want to eat!  

Click here for the recipe!

Lime Custard Pie with Basil Cream and Pistachio Praline

A few small twists on this favorite will no doubt make for a memorable summer. Top this lime custard pie with basil infused whipped cream and candied pistachios. Bonus: author Holly Ricciardi reveals her tricks of the trade and goes into great detail about how you too can bake up this beautiful artisanal pie. Find her recipe here!

Old-Fashioned Grilled Peach Pies Recipe

Mouths tend to drool whenever pies are mentioned, but better yet: these pies are grilled! Once prepared, you can cook these hand pies straight on your grill just until the dough turns a crispy, golden brown! Click here to check out this recipe!

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

A caramel apple in a pie, this pie is neither heavy on the caramel nor heavy on the sea salt; they are supporting actors to the tangy apples and the buttery, thick crust. This is the kind of apple pie you could eat every day— and we think you should.

Click here for the recipe for this Salted Caramel Apple Pie.

Salted Honey Pie

Perfectly sweet and lightly salty, this creation comes from Brooklyn sisters Melissa and Emily Elsen and their bakery Four and Twenty Blackbird. And boy oh boy do they know their pies! If you can’t visit their shop in person, make this Salted Honey Pie instead!

Salted Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is a classic Floridian dessert, made with fresh key limes, which are smaller and more flavorful than standard limes. Use a store-bought or homemade graham cracker crust. Recipe courtesy of The Dutch Miami pastry chef Joshua Gripper. 

Click here for this recipe for Salted Key Lime Pie!

Strawberry Icebox Pie Recipe

Here, a graham-cracker crust holds a luscious strawberry filling topped with swells of sweetened whipped cream. To make the filling sliceable, some of the berries are briefly cooked with a small amount of cornstarch (and cranberry juice, to enhance the color); the rest are stirred in off heat. Click here for this recipe!

Summertime Gooseberry Pie

Celebrate summer fruit with this bubbling, golden pie. Gooseberry pie will be a fun switch from the usual fruit pies we eat and is sure to impress at the next BBQ.

Check out the recipe here!

Toasted Coconut Cream Pie with Lime Whipped Cream

Toasted coconut adds wonderful dimension to a classic coconut cream pie, and along with lime whipped cream, the flavor is nothing short of divine. This recipe comes from Boston's Flour Bakery and Café where it is one of their most popular desserts.

Click here for the recipe!

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Pie with Homestyle Honey Crust

A step up from the classic cheesecake, this vanilla bean cheesecake is sweetened with honey and placed in a healthy whole wheat-honey crust.

Click here for the recipe!