10 Clever Ways to Use Cranberries

If the only time you eat cranberries is on Thanksgiving Day, read on to get some fresh, tangy, and delicious inspiration

Cranberries are for more than just sauce 

If your cranberry cravings are limited to a little sauce on top of the Thanksgiving turkey, it’s time to revisit the kitchen with some new inspiration. Cranberries are a prime choice for creative culinary use year-round.

Thanks to a recent press trip, I found myself knee-deep in a cranberry bog to explore the harvesting process and taste the berries right from the bog. This hands-on experience was followed by many meals that cleverly incorporated cranberry; from savory to sweet, it’s surprising just how many ways you can add them to a dish. 


The tart yet subtlety sweet berries are ideal to include regularly in your diet thanks to their vitamin C and fiber content. They are also packed with disease-fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals. And of course, cranberries are well-known for their (possible) role in preventing urinary tract infections.

You can purchase fresh berries in the fall and winter months. As a Massachusetts resident — a state that ranks second in the nation for cranberry production — I love that they are one of the few locally grown fresh fruits available during those months. But don’t limit your cranberry-filled cooking to October through December. Be sure to pick up a few extra packages to freeze so that you can pull them out later