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The Most Charming Town in Every State

America, the charming
most charming town

Discover the character, history, and culture of these charming spots across the country.

Although the two words are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s a definite difference between “beauty” and “charm.” While the most beautiful towns in America are simply breathtaking, postcard-worthy destinations, it takes more for a place to truly charm you.

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A town has to be more than just a pretty face in order to be considered a charming destination. The dictionary definition of charm is “the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration,” and there are many ways a place can do exactly that. The hometown character of a place comes through in the kinds of small stores that populate its downtown, the festivals and events held throughout the year celebrating its history and heritage, and the unique activities that are available, whether that’s a geothermal spa or spring, mountains to hike and bike, or farmers markets to peruse. Throughout America, you’ll find out all kinds of places worth a visit, but it’s these towns that are the most charming in their state.