The Best Food and Drink in Idaho

So much more than potatoes

Unbeknownst to many, Idaho is one of the culinary gems of the Pacific Northwest. Although the state is mainly known for its potatoes and even has an entire museum dedicated to the spud, Idaho has a lot more to offer than just starch. From Boise to Idaho Falls you can check out all of the best restaurants and bars that made it in our first-annual guide to the best food and drink in every state.

The Best Food and Drink in Every State for 2018: Idaho (Gallery)

The state with a bed and breakfast shaped like a giant beagle boasts a farmers market with fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade goods that covers over half a dozen blocks, Sugar Rush Cupcakery, some of the best cupcakes in the region, and of course some of the best French fries not just in the area, but in America.

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Whether you’re an Idaho native or just passing through, be sure to read up on all the best places to grab a bite or a drink. After comprehensive and wide-ranging lists and rankings, compiled through extensive research and with input from a wide network of site contributors, bloggers, journalists, and chefs, we’ve been able to make definitive slideshows celebrating the best food and drink in every state, and you can find our Idaho slideshow here.