10 Popular American Beaches Where You Can (Legally) Drink Alcohol

A beach trip doesn’t mean you have to choose between sobriety and a citation; here are 10 U.S. beaches where alcohol is legal

A beach where you can drink? It's not Kokomo, it's Florida's Cocoa Beach!

There’s nothing like relaxing on a beautiful beach with beer or tropical drink in hand. The sun is shining, the sand feels warm between your toes, and the drink is keeping things cool — both in temperature and mood. However, in this scenario, the beach would usually have to be in another country due to American alcohol restrictions. No one wants a peaceful day to end with the police. Sure, there are certain private stretches of sand or sections belonging to local bars and restaurants than can skirt some of the usual regulations, but even then, drinks will have to be purchased at the respective establishment — likely at overly-inflated prices.

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But drinking on a beach in America doesn’t mean you have to hike to a desolate spot away from civilization and human contact and break the law, as it turns out that a surprosin number of  big-name cities and towns have beaches that actually allow alcohol — you just have to know where to look. Fear not, boozing beach bums: here are 10 popular American beaches where you can actually (and legally) drink alcohol.