10. Yogurberry from Is Pinkberry America's Best Frozen Yogurt? (Slideshow)

Is Pinkberry America's Best Frozen Yogurt? (Slideshow)

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10. Yogurberry

The décor is a little tacky and unoriginal, but we put our judgements on that aside when tasting. The vanilla was surprisingly soupy in consistency; it turned us off from wanting to try the others. But the strawberry was sweet with a fruity aftertaste, the chocolate was rich with a true chocolate flavor, and their tart was similar to a semi-sweet Greek yogurt taste. They had plenty of fresh fruit options for toppings and the regular ones you see elsewhere, but it just wasn’t anything special. Yogurberry is at the bottom of our list because, along with the fact that it didn’t offer enough flavor and topping options, the yogurt itself was run-of-the-mill. The nutrition behind a serving is excellent, but the taste and options are important as well, and this chain fell short. In a 4-ounce serving, Yogurberry’s frozen yogurt is 100 calories, 0 grams fat, and 16 grams sugar, and its price is $0.49 an ounce.

Yogurberry is one of the few frozen yogurt chains available worldwide, as well as one of the few that uses natural fruit sugar and nonfat milk. At some of their locations, they’re going to start offering coffee, gelato, and a deli and bakery. 

Taste true to flavor: 1
Base of real ingredients, not powder: 5
Consistency/texture: 1
Topping selection: 3
Topping freshness: 5
Health benefits: 5
Unique atmosphere/options: 1
Total: 21/35