12 Amazing Retro Soda Fountains Across America (Slideshow)

Nostalgic for a fifties-style egg cream?

Aldrich Apothecary, Council Grove, Kan.

This building has been in use as a pharmacy since 1892, and the soda fountain has been a town fixture since the 1920s. Take a seat on one of the six swivel stools and order up an old timey favorite pulled from a working chrome spigot. 

Johnny B’s Old Fashioned Soda Fountain, Marathon, TX

It’s a West Texas throwback from a simpler time. The simple menu consisting of burgers, phosphates, Lime Rickeys, and other throwback fare has earned raves from locals and travelers alike. 

Soda Shop, New Orleans

New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh brings his nostalgia for the bygone era of New Orleans soda fountains to the World War II museum in the city’s garden district. Guests can sample homemade ice creams and bananas foster milkshakes as the present blends with the past to create something delicious. 

Chugwater Soda Fountain, Chugwater, Wyoming

Wyoming’s oldest soda fountain recently celebrated its 100th birthday! If you happen to find yourself in Chugwater — the “little town with a big heart”— stop by for an old-fashioned malt and a bowl of famous Chugwater chili. 

Blueplate Lunch Counter and Soda Fountain, Portland, Ore.

Chef Jeffery Reiter has worked with superstar chefs Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck, but he found his true calling in this quaint little diner in downtown Portland. His house sodas are made from scratch with cane sugar and natural flavors, and he serves up old favorites like chocolate malts along with his own creations, such as the Chai Bomb, made with soda, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and star anise. 

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, New York

The Carroll Gardens space that houses this trendy spot also housed a pharmacy for nearly a century, so it’s only fitting that a few young entrepreneurs used the building to recreate an old-timey soda fountain complete with Brooklyn Egg Creams and artisanal penny candy. 

Jahn’s, Queens, New York

The first Jahn’s was opened in 1897 in the Bronx, and by the 1950s, there 23 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Today, Jahn’s in Jackson Heights is the last location left standing. Stop in for a kitchen sink sundae while this piece of New York history is still standing! 

Aglamesis Bro’s, Cincinnati

The Aglamesis family has been making and selling ice cream to Cincinnati since 1908. You can still stop by their Oakley Square location for some striped awning, black and white tile, two-scoop goodness. 

Clinton’s Soda Fountain, Columbus, Mo.

Though Clinton’s has only been in operation since 1988, the building that houses the soda fountain is over a hundred years old. In fact, a young Harry Truman once jerked soda in this very building. Stop in, order a phosphate, and see if it tastes presidential.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, South Pasadena, Calif.

This corner pharmacy was a staple along America’s iconic Route 66. The menu is packed with old-timey treats, from handmade shakes to Lime and Cherry Rickeys as well as pages of ice cream treats. 

Toomer’s Drugs, Auburn, Ala.

At Toomer’s you won’t find cutesy, touristy soda fountain traditions. An Auburn staple since 1896, Toomer’s is its own tradition, and its shakes, sandwiches (grilled pimento cheese? Yes,please!), and house-made lemonade speak for themselves.  

Lagomarcino’s, Moline, Ill.

For nearly 100 years, four generations of Lagomarcinos have made chocolate and served up sodas in this Illinois institution. Visitors can enjoy their signature Lago drink (similar to a Dr. Pepper, according to their website) in the store’s original mahogany booths or at the authentic soda fountain counter.