20 Things Only People From Brooklyn Say

How many of these Brooklyn sayings do you know?


These sweaters look ratchet.

You may have read a few of our previous stories on things various groups of Americans say — from Hawaiian terms and Floridian phrases to Midwestern idioms and New England sayings but none are as much fun as the things people say in Brooklyn.

Slideshow: 20 Things Only People From Brooklyn Say

One of New York City’s five boroughs, Brooklyn has a reputation for being home to hipsters, aggressively trendy bars and restaurants, thrift stores, and countless artisanal cheese shops, but there’s more diversity to the broad borough than many initially assume. That said, there are plenty of words and phrases used in the area that are pretty much universally understood throughout Brooklyn — and some that have made their way further through the rest of New York City, such as referring to a wildly fun event as being a “lituation” or “lit.”


Not sure what it means to “blow minds” or “get tight” over something? Find out here and test your Brooklyn slang knowledge with this list of 20 things only people from Brooklyn say.