11 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers

Add some comedy to your big day by decorating your wedding cake with the funniest figurines

For the wedding of a bossy bride, this cake topper will make all the guests laugh.

Traditional wedding cake toppers, delicately designed to look like miniature versions of the bride and groom, are gradually disappearing from the top tiers of our wedding cakes. They’re being replaced with fresh flowers, with handmade paper bunting, and with oversized initials of the bride and groom. It seems a shame that the modern wedding is moving away from these figurines, especially as they have the potential to be the source of so much laughter on the wedding day.

11 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers (Slideshow)

Rather than showing your bohemian personality by adorning your cake with your favorite flowers and colorful ribbons, we’d prefer that you revealed your humorous side, and gave your guests a revealing glimpse into what your relationship is really like. It’s time for the hilarious honesty at a wedding to not solely be assigned to the best man’s speech. Look hard enough and you’ll find that your wedding cake topper options aren’t just limited to a miniature version of yourselves standing, kissing, or holding hands atop your cake. Some creative cake topper makers have made wedding comedy a key part of their business, and are creating rather unusual cake decorations, which are certain to make you smile.

If the bride is known to be the one who wears the trousers in the relationship — something which we definitely need to be reminded of during the wedding because, on this day, she will most certainly be wearing a dress — then there are plenty of suitable wedding cake toppers, from a bride dragging the groom to the chapel, to locking him up under ball and chain. If this is a couple who announced their #engagement on Facebook and Instagram before they’d even told their families, then figurines of a bride and groom doing their first dance while checking their phones will make everyone laugh. For the couple with a dark sense of humor, two skeletons sitting atop the white cake, eerily emphasizing that they have just sworn to be together “‘til death do us part,” will add a morbid edge to this beautiful, happy day.


Don’t hold back from adding some comedy to your wedding: Here are the 11 most hilarious wedding cake toppers for your cake decoration consideration.