Plan A Fabulous Vegas Vacation On A Budget

Las Vegas is a destination where you can easily spend more money than you'd like, but it is also a place that offers a lot of deals and low-budget entertainment opportunities if you know where to look. A trip to the Strip doesn't have to be incredibly pricey, especially if you have flexibility in your schedule.

Slideshow: Plan a Fabulous Vegas Vacation on a Budget

The off-season for Las Vegas is July and August, when temperatures can climb into the hundreds. However, there's air conditioning everywhere, many hotels connect to each other indoors and daytime pool parties offer a cool reprieve from the outdoor heat, so if you're looking for a cheaper time to visit, the summer is worth consideration.

If you'd like to take a vacation to Las Vegas sooner but still don't want to break the bank, take a look at our list of tips on how to have a fabulous Vegas vacation on a budget.