Funniest Slang Term From Every State

The Funniest Slang Term From Every State

50 states, 50 slang terms

The United States is a large, diverse country. Not only do the 350 million or so citizens of this country come from different backgrounds and exist in all shapes, sizes, and colors, they all live in vastly different areas and states. And that means that even though most Americans speak English, they speak it all quite differently. And that means one thing: funny slang terms from each and every state.

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Yes, if you’re from Ohio you may think nothing of calling a vacuum a “sweeper,” but that word is just plain ol’ silly to someone from Kansas. Meanwhile, a person from New Jersey will snicker at “shucky darn!” while thinking nothing of driving through a “jughandle.” Yes, a phrase that is completely and totally normal to citizens of one state is totally and completely hilarious to people from one of the other 49 states.

So, what’s the funniest slang term from your state? It’s probably unexpected, but to find out what colloquialism, word, or phrase is funny to non-natives, you’ll have to check out our roundup of the funniest slang term from every state.