How to Plan Your Perfect Trip to Ireland

We chatted with Margaret Jeffares of Good Food Ireland about their new launch, plus where to grab a pint of Guinness
Dream Ireland Vacation

Margaret Jeffares of Good Food Ireland shares her dream Ireland trip, plus what tastes best with a pint of Guinness. Produced by Jessica Chou.

Regardless of whatever bros may say, Ireland is a lot more than leprechauns, Guinness, and St. Patrick's Day. Which is why we asked Margaret Jeffares of Good Food Ireland about her favorite eats around the island.

Her top food picks? Dublin bay prawns, obviously, as well as a few unknown products from small producers. "Yes we’re famous for our traditional corned beef, our bacon and cabbage, and of course our potato, the humble spud as we say, but there's a huge innovation around food produce," Jeffares says. Say, balsamic vinegar in apple orchard areas, yogurt and ice cream from their dairy farms, and even buffalo mozzarella. "A dairy farmer decided with a friend that they’d get together, he was a cheesemaker, and this farmer was able to rear some buffalo and make this amazing mozzarella," Jeffares says.

And while Jeffares maps out her perfect vacation in Ireland in our video above, Good Food Ireland has just launched a site to help any visitor plan their "food experience," checking out restaurants, farms, and more for their own vacation.

"It's not just about a foodie experience," Jeffares says. "It’s about an experience for food lovers, whether it's an itinerary all about food, or it's a food itinerary with things to do. It’s about getting all the information together in one group and bringing that to the customer. It’s your one-stop shop for every type of experience that a food lover would want."

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And if traveling isn't in your book, at least you can get some Irish products via their online store (like an apple syrup). But really, you should probably just visit. "The Guinness, I can guarantee you, is definitely better in Ireland," Jeffares says.