10 Absolutely Amazing Food Trucks Around the World

Cape Town, Montreal, Paris, and Berlin are just a few of the cities on the food truck train

Love street food? Discover these unique trucks across the globe, from Cape Town to Montreal.

French fries heaped high with toppings, cheesy pizza, and stacked burgers don’t have to come to a table in a sit-down restaurant. They can come straight into your hands as you wait in the sun, and that’s a notion that has lovers of street food all over the world excited about the food truck craze.

Food trucks have taken off in the United States — an estimated 4,130 of them are worth $1.2 billion as of 2015. Social media popularity and promotion has had a hand in the trucks’ surge in status, and the industry has brought a new angle to classic street food, which is consumed by 2.5 billion people each day. But they’re not only a novelty in the United States — food trucks are popular in Canada, Western Europe, and many other countries, as you’ll see from our list. We found exciting food trucks selling their wares everywhere from Cape Town to Montreal, so next time you’re on vacation, consider visiting one of these unique (and delicious) mobile eateries. Happy dreaming!