Mexican Food: Are These America's Top Five Burritos?

There's nothing better than a pile of Mexican goodness rolled up in a warm tortilla

Mexican food in its most delicious form is a burrito.

Mexican food is found everywhere across the States, but the best Mexican food dish here is the burrito. Though the burrito may not be traditional Mexican food or come from a traditional Mexican recipe, it is a type of Mexican food that has been adapted to American taste buds; Americans love a good burrito, and so we are always on the lookout for Mexican restaurants that serve some of the best.

All in the name (and delicious taste) of Mexican food, The Daily Meal set out to name the 35 Best Burritos in America, and we’ve decided to bring you the top five burritos worth traveling for. These burritos come from all kinds of Mexican restaurants from across the States.

The list for the 35 Best Burritos in America wasn’t based on the particular Mexican restaurants where you can buy said burritos; instead, this list is based on the burritos themselves. 

Additionally, The Daily Meal looked at burritos from all across the country and applied several strict criteria.  Are all the ingredients fresh? Is there a good selection of meats and add-ons? Can you customize your order, right down to the amount of crema squeezed on top? Is it renowned by critics and locals alike in its city? 

So if you love Mexican food, and you go giddy over a good burrito, be sure to include one of America’s top five burritos on your bucket list.

L’Patron, Chicago: Carne Asada

This neon green Logan Square spot has conquered Chicago’s burrito scene, and the carne asada burrito is a masterpiece.

Papalote Mexican Grill, San Francisco: Carne Asada

Papalote has one of the most delicious burritos you’re bound to ever eat. Start by picking out your choice of four tortillas, and then work your way up to perfection.

The Shed, Santa Fe, N.M.: Green Chile Burrito

The green chile burrito is a simple burrito, but it’s one of the best you’ll ever encounter.  This one is topped with the restaurant’s famous green chile sauce, because it’s all about the chile at The Shed.

La Taqueria, San Francisco: Carnitas

This is a place famous for its Mexican food. When it comes to the burrito, either keep it simple and just stick with meat and beans — no rice filler in the burrito here — or upgrade it with all the classic burrito extras.

La Azteca Tortilleria, Los Angeles: Chile Relleno Burrito

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The chile relleno burrito at La Azteca Tortilleria is a thing of beauty and a destination unto itself. They offer other options like carnitas and carne asada, but the cheese-stuffed, perfectly fried chile relleno that makes up the bulk of this burrito is what sets it apart, elevating the humble poblano to heights of Tex-Mex greatness (while you’re at it, you might as well have them add some carne asada to it as well). It’s everything you look for in Tex-Mex cuisine all in one perfect bite, and it’s nothing short of the best burrito in America