Mexican Food: Is This America's Best Burrito?

When it comes to Mexican food, the burrito is about as good as it gets
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Mexican food is heaven, and the burrito is just a slice of it.

Mexican food is popular across the United States, and it’s hard to argue that the burrito isn’t the world’s most perfect food (sorry to any taco loyalists out there).  Essentially, a basic burrito recipe contains all the necessary food groups. Think about it: a burrito has is made using a hefty flour tortilla, steamed and pliable, filled with beans, cheese, meat, and vegetables, customizable to the extreme. Want guacamole and Mexican crema on your burrito? Sure. Want a burrito filled with grilled vegetables instead of meat? There are a heap of vegetarian options to go around.

So if you have a hankering for Mexican food, and you’re after a burrito, you might be wondering where you can find America’s best burrito. No, it’s not at Chipotle (though we do love a good Chipotle when the craving for Mexican food hits and there’s  no time to seek out an authentic taqueria). 

The best of our 35 Best Burritos in America is the Chile Relleno burrito from La Azteca Tortilleria in Los Angeles, which is a favorite of travelers and locals alike. Though La Azteca Tortlleria offers plenty of Mexican food dishes, the cheese-stuffed, perfectly fried chile relleno that makes up the bulk of this burrito is what makes it the best menu item at this Mexican restaurant. 

In order to compile our ranking, we looked at burritos from all across the country and applied several strict criteria. We considered whether the burritos are made using fresh ingredients, whether there is a good selection of meats and add-ons, whether you can customize your order right down to the amount of crema squeezed on top. Additionally, when choosing the best burrito, we looked at whether it was renowned by critics and locals alike in its city.

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The Daily Meal didn’t rank places to buy a burrito; we ranked the burritos themselves. Additionally, The Daily Meal consulted journalists, food writers and chefs across the country to determine which burrito is America’s best burrito.