6 "Mexican" Foods You Won't Find in Mexico

Unless you go to Americanized tourist traps

There is some "Mexican" fare that you’re not likely to find south of the border.

We all love our Tex-Mex, which gets us excited about the thought of heading down to Mexico and indulging in burrito-ville. But, don’t be disappointed when there isn’t a burrito in sight.  Here are six examples of our much-loved Mexican fare that you’re not likely to find south of the border.

Taco Salads

Photo Credit: Flickr/I Believe I Can Fry
When we want our Mexican fix in a way that makes us feel healthy, we go for the taco salad. Hate to break it to you, but Mexico is like a desert when it comes to taco salads.


Tex-Mex at its best, the chimichanga is yet another much-loved American version of Mexican fare that travelers would have a difficult time tracking down.

Cheddar Cheese Enchiladas

Americans love their Cheddar cheese, especially when it’s on an enchilada; however, don’t expect to find this “weird cheese” used in Mexico. Don’t worry, Cheddar, we still think you’re the big cheese.


Let’s just put it this way: When Taco Bell tried to open up in Mexico City in the ‘90s, a local newspaper had to explain what a burrito was for the local consumers.

Chili con Carne

Another Tex-Mex specialty that we delightfully devour in the States, but sadly we'll have to do without it on our next trip to Mexico.


Yet another Tex-Mex dish that you won’t find in Mexico is nachos — at least the way we think of them, as a giant pile of chips swimming in sour cream or processed cheeses. Nachos in Mexico were originally individual tortilla chips, each with melted cheese and a piece of jalapeño. Sounds a bit more delicate, doesn’t it?


Alexandra E. Petri is the travel editor at The Daily Meal. You can follow her on Twitter @writewayaround.