So When is Easter, Anyway? Your Last-Minute Survival Guide

Make sure you are ready for this quickly approaching holiday!
When is Easter?

Be prepared for this Easter with these easy to pull off ideas


Believe it or not, Easter Sunday is quickly approaching. The reason why the date changes so frequently is because the forefathers of Christianity wanted it to be in line the Jewish holiday of Passover. Since Passover is celebrated according to lunar cycles, it changes each year. So you may be asking yourself, when is Easter, anyway?

With a looming date of April 5, 2015 almost at hand, there is a lot of delicious and fun work to be done around your house before the Easter Bunny arrives!

To help you begin planning your celebration, we’ll show you everything from boiled egg ideas to what to do with the leftovers. We’ll wake you up with delicious Easter brunch menus and inspire you with easy and tasty Easter dinner ideas. And don’t worry, we won’t forget to include Easter desserts to really wow your guests on Easter Sunday! Heck, we can even get your table decor down, help you plan a great Easter egg hunt, and show you cool ways to decorate Easter eggs as well.

Here are a few ideas to help you get your Easter plans underway:

For Your Easter Basket:

This Easter, don’t just load your kids’ Easter baskets with dyed Easter eggs — try making unique and delicious treats they’ll always remember. Pull together Fun Rice Krispies Peeps for a bigger treat the kids will love, or make these delicious Easy Easter Egg Cookie Truffles. And don’t forget the leave the Easter bunny a little something special with these Ice Cream Cone Carrots!

For Your Easter Eggs:

The days of plopping a food dye tablet into a cup of vinegar and calling it a day are over. Not only can you make your own DIY dye, you can use interesting and unlikely tools to create fascinating works of art on your perfectly hard-boiled eggs. Try these fun ideas here!

For Your Easter Gatherings:

Whether you are hosting an amazing brunch or you just want to have the kids over for some springtime fun, there is so much you can do to make Easter a good time. Host a great Easter egg hunt with these fun-for-all party tips or try going beyond the hunt with these great Easter games

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