Easy Boiled Egg Ideas for Easter

Make your eggs more festive with these simple tricks

Put a little pizazz into your holiday!

When Easter rolls around, there is no shortage of dyed Easter eggs. This ritual is performed every year in some households, resulting in quality time with the family that is packed with fun and creativity. But if you’re looking to take this decorative tradition to the next level, don’t just focus on the eggshell, check out the actual boiled egg!

There are plenty of adorable things you can do to make an actual egg more festive. Boiled egg whites can safely be colored with food dye and egg yolks can suddenly become adorable food accessories with a little ingenuity. Check out our favorite ideas to make your own Easter hard-boiled eggs pop!

Cracked Eggs
To get the effect of colored egg cracks on your hard-boiled eggs, simple crack the shell, steep in in food coloring and peel away the shell!

The time for your egg to become a chick has not passed, even if it is hard-boiled! With two simple seeds and a wedge of carrot, hard-boiled eggs transform into an adorable chick.

Deviled Easter Eggs
With a little food coloring and a keen eye for presentation, you can serve these cute Easter eggs at brunch.

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