Easter Entertaining Tips From a Pro

Between the Bread’s Ricky Eisen gives advice for successful holiday hosting

Being in the catering business for 20-plus years will definitely make someone an expert, and that’s exactly what Ricky Eisen has become — a culinary pro. With hundreds of parties, events, and two successful businesses under her belt, it’s safe to say that when it comes to entertaining, she knows what she’s doing.

In honor of spring and Easter, Eisen has given us her tips of the trade for basket making, menu building, and decorating for the holiday. She incorporated ideas from both Cookie Panache and Between the Bread, her two businesses, and crafted her tips by reflecting on past experiences and keeping current trends in mind.

Without further ado, here are Eisen’s Easter tips:

For the Menu:

Appetizer: Artichoke-filled baker’s purse over mesclun green with lemon-Parmesan vinaigrette.

Entrée: Rosemary-scented lamb chops on potato gaufrette with grilled vegetables.

Dessert: Strawberry and rhubarb tartlet topped with crème fraîche.

For Tablescape/Décor:

• Use pastels and flowers to brighten any Easter table setting. This basket-weave tabletop was created by using different brightly colored fabrics and it looks just like an Easter basket!

• Create an arrangement of different colored tulips that will make any table more welcoming. Substitute tulips for any other variety of brightly colored flowers.

• Eisen arranges bowls of candy, sweets, and jelly beans around the table. This not only adds another element of color but gives guests something to nibble on.

For the Easter Basket:


• Eisen used a gardening tin rather than a standard basket and filled it with moss for a more natural, organic feel. She placed store-bought butterflies in the moss for extra decoration and filled the basket with homemade cookies.