20 Latkes For All 8 Crazy Nights

Latkes are Hanukkah Harry’s favorite snack
Hanukkah Meals for Under $8

Jeanette Pavini, savings expert with Coupons.com, shows you how you can make meals for Hanukkah for under $8 a night.

Sweet Potato Latkes with Lime Crème Fraîche


Serve these sweeter latkes as a surprise on the eighth night of Hanukkah.

If there is one occasion each year that every Jewish kid looks forward to, it’s the moment he or she smells sizzling oil in the kitchen and potato pancakes being fried in a pan.

Mom always made her signature recipe of delicious grated potatoes and onions accompanied by a sweet homemade applesauce. After eight nights of eating the same latkes, though, you start to get a little sick of making them and everyone gets a little sick of eating them.

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This year, make different latkes for all eight nights of Hanukkah. We’ve got everything from healthy vegan latkes to Tex-Mex latkes covered in juicy brisket. Your family will be surprised how innovative and creative you are when you show off these dishes. Serve these latkes with your homemade noodle kugel, matzo ball soup, and fresh rugelach for a delicious feast. With 20 latke recipes and information about the latke’s history, you’ll become a latke master for the Festival of Lights in no time.