Kosher for Passover Dishes You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Never get bored with these Passover-friendly dishes

Because there’s more to life than matzo pizza.

No leavened bread? No problem, when you’ve got a few delicious Passover-friendly dishes on hand.

Gefilte Fish in White Wine Herb Broth. This is the gefilte fish recipe that will change all of the haters’ minds. Fresh white fish gefilte fish cooks in a super flavorful broth instead of the standard potent fish stock.

Gefilte Fish in White Wine Herb Broth

Sang An

Matzo Ball Soup. No Passover is complete without matzo ball soup. Some swear the key to fluffy matzo balls is schmaltz, or chicken fat; others claim that soda water is the only way. This recipe goes back to basics with a few simple ingredients: eggs, matzo meal, and vegetable oil.

Matzo Ball Soup

Alan Bensen

Matzo Brei. Like a Jewish French toast, matzo brei is a hearty breakfast. Make it sweet by topping with some cinnamon-sugar or savory with some lox and crème fraîche.

Matzo Brei

Aaron Renzy

Red Wine and Honey Brisket. This is not your grandmother’s brisket. Honey adds a touch of sweetness to the Jewish holiday staple.

Red Wine and Honey Brisket

Sang An

Spinach Matzo Lasagna. Layer matzo instead of noodles with spinach, ricotta, and tomato sauce for a fantastic vegetarian dish.

Spinach Matzo Lasagna

Sang An

Julie Ruggirello is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal and actually loves jarred gefilte fish. Oy. Follow her on Twitter @TDMRecipeEditor.