Halloween Decoration


11 Best-Ever Halloween Decorating Tips

Give your friends and neighbors a fright with these Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, and if you haven’t decorated for this spooky day already, you better get started! If you are ahead of the game and have already covered your home in fake cobwebs and zombie brides, then we have some extra tips to make your house even scarier, and even more Halloween-party ready. We’ve rounded up our 11 favorite Halloween decorating tips, from classic jack-o’-lanterns to blood-stained windows that will fright and delight, just as everything should on this spooky day.

11 Best-Ever Halloween Decorating Tips (Slideshow)

No matter what your crafty DIY skills are like, you’ll definitely be able to manage a few of these decorations. If you’re not into carving pumpkins and melting colored wax, we recommend you go for the easy, impactful Halloween ideas like draping sheets over all your furniture and hanging fake crows and bats from your front door to make your normally well-looked-after home feel like an abandoned, empty, lifeless house.

If you’re hosting a party this Halloween, then make sure you add to the exterior decorations by giving your practical party essentials a scary Halloween twist. For example, you can get the lighting level right by using candles, and then you can transform them  to look like they’re bleeding; you can make sure everybody’s drinks are suitably cold by giving them ice cubes with plastic spiders frozen in them; and you can keep the beer flowing from a keg that just so happens to be made of a pumpkin.

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Whatever your plans are for Halloween this year, make sure you don’t miss out on the decorating fun, and be sure to try a few of these tips to turn your home into the creepiest, freakiest haunted house on the block.