5 Halloween Crafts So Easy It’s Spooky!

Get ready to make an adorably spooky Halloween craft!
DIY Halloween Crafts
Mason Jar Crafts Love

These Halloween crafts will inspire a “frightful” Halloween.

Whether you’re hosting a haunted Halloween party or looking to spook-ify your front porch for trick-or-treaters, there’s one item that can help you do it all: the classic Ball brand mason jar.

This Halloween, skip that trip (or four) to the party store and create your own ghoulish Halloween décor with minimal supplies. You can make and reuse these Halloween crafts annually, bring the Halloween crafts into the office to decorate your desk or even fill the jars with candy and give out to guests at a party.

Spooky Spiders

Transform half-pint Collection Elite jars into these creepy crawlers by using black spray paint, black pipe cleaners, hot glue, and some googly eyes. This Halloween craft looks perfect when scattered along porch steps or countertops!

Luminary Skulls

Skulls and crossbones don’t have to be stuck in black and white. Illuminate your windows with neon painted quart jars adorned with black sponged skull stencils.

DIY Halloween Crafts

Haunted Halloween Toppers

Trick-or-treating can be for adults, too. Send Halloween party guests home with a sweet candy corn treat packed into customized 8oz jars printed with monster mash lids.

Deadly Zombies

Recycle old quart jars to make these zombies rise from the dead. Acrylic paint, sand paper, and googly eyes transform the classic mason jar into a ghostly decoration.

DIY Halloween Crafts

Source: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Glow in the Dark Slime

Homemade slime is the perfect touch for a monster party and is easy for kids to help make. Just mix five ingredients with water and you’ll have your own green goo.

DIY Halloween Crafts

Source: A Pumpkin and a Princess

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