8 Bizarre Food Scented Candles

Some scents should just be left to the real thing
Weird Scented Candles

We don't think we'll be lighting these any time soon...

Mmm, Bacon

Waking up the smell of crackling bacon is something Michael Scott would definitely endorse, but we aren't too confident that this candle will actually capture bacon's essence.
bacon candle

Fried Chicken

Well butter our biscuits; they made a fried chicken candle. Huh.

chicken candle


Pizza-philes’ heads just exploded everywhere.


Turkey and Stuffing

Uh, we'll leave these smells to the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day, thanks.


The Beer Candle

Ew. We love beer and all, but can you imagine smelling this after a night of drinking? No thanks!


Beef Jerky

"Mmm! Nothing like the smell of dehydrated beef in the morning," said no one ever.

beef jerky

White Castle Scented

Our inner college bro loves the idea of this.


Wine Scented Candles

We'd rather pour ourselves a glass than sniff one, thanks.

wine wicks

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